About PHYCO2

PHYCO2 was formed to address two business problems: 1) The market for algae is limited by algae production rates and price; and 2) Regulatory and investor concern with CO2 emissions from industrial facilities.  PHYCO2 created and patented a technology to address both issues simultaneously.  To demonstrate the technology, PHYCO2 embarked on a “proof of concept” project at Michigan State University (MSU) as a first step before moving onto a pilot scale project.

Why Algae?

Chlorella vulgaris growing in the bioreactor
Chlorella vulgaris growing in the bioreactor

Many of the world’s life forms are attributable to single cell organisms – algae and bacteria.  Eons ago they sequestered the CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere to make the oxygen that we breath, and their oil rich structure layered the ocean floors to become today’s petroleum.  Microalgae are microscopic aquatic plant species that have the same natural needs as their land based relatives for growth – sunlight, carbon dioxide, nutrients and water.

Only a small percentage of the total solar electromagnetic energy that hits our planet daily is used for photosynthesis. The Algae Photo-bioreactor process can utilize solar energy, but in an unconventional way that increases the amount of specific electromagnetic photon energy that promotes optimal photosynthesis.

Algae now provides ingredients found in baby food, sushi, bio-fuels, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, health foods, and even ice cream.  Algae are simple organisms that thrive on  sunlight, water and CO2 to grow via a process called photosynthesis. However, there is a limited supply of algae relative to the current market demand. Today, PHYCO2 has harnessed the photosynthetic process for CO2 sequestration from power plants, while producing algae as a marketable product for fuel, bio-polymers and food. This is accomplished using our patented algae “aquarium” we refer to as an Algal Photo Bio-reactor, or APB.

Breakthroughs in LED lighting, control systems, and fluid mechanics allow PHYCO2 to produce a cost effective APB to produce commercial quantities of algae, 24/7/365, with limited space, energy, and water in any location. We continuously grow and harvest algae while CO2 is sequestered in our APB.