Vision Statement

Create sustainable commercial algae production while sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial operations and purify waste water.


Design, develop, and utilize leading edge technologies to cost
effectively grow algae in industrial quantities for use in human and animal food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and bio-stimulant applications.  Harness the photosynthetic process of algae to sequester CO2, clean waste water, and produce oxygen to improve our quality of life.

Company History

Illumination of the PHYCO2 bioreactor
  • 2008 – PHYCO2 LLC was formed by Greg Hagopian, Managing Member, and Robert (Bob) Morgan, Secretary, as a Delaware LLC.  The company’s purpose was to sequester CO2 from power plants through a photosynthetic process with algae.
  • 2010 – Patent applications were filed in the US and Canada.  The company tested a small scale reactor at Utah State University which showed the potential of the design to grow algae and reduce CO2.  A Cooperative Research Agreement was signed with Michigan State University to test the PHYCO2 designed reactors and its performance with various algae strains.
  • 2014 – The company raised capital to fund the construction of two prototype reactors and run an 18 month series of tests at Michigan State University (MSU).
  • 2015 – The prototypes were built and installed at the MSU T.B. Simon Power Plant where they received a slip stream of flue gas from a natural gas or coal fueled boiler.  Testing of the reactors and their subcomponents began in November 2015.
  • 2016 – Testing of the prototypes was completed in late October 2016.  The reactor set-up was modified to increase the light intensity on the algae which resulted in much higher algae production and CO2 sequestration rates.  The design of scalable reactors for large algae production plants was started with 3D modeling of the reactors and CFD analysis of the fluid circulation in the reactor designs.
  • 2017 – Business plans devloped to validate commercial production designs and start production. Investment solicited. Partners at Michigan State University received DOE grant for new CO2 sequestration project. PHYCO2 will provide reactors to grow algae and absorb CO2 for the three year project.