Mr. William B. Clary – Chief Executive Officer and President More...

  • BA Chemistry, Carleton College, MN
  • MS Mechanical Engineering, University of MN
  • Founder of MIRATECH Group, LLC; Board Member
  • Over 28 years of business management, development, sales, marketing, and technology development
  • Board Member of Junior Achievement of Northern New England

Mr. Karl Seitz – Chief Financial Officer More...

  • BS Economics, University of California, Los Angeles
  • MBA Taxation, Golden West University
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Principal, Seitz & Associates, LLC
  • Past President of Deimos Ventures, LLC
  • Founder of Heliae, LLC (Algae Venture)
  • Director of AbTech Industries (Wastewater Treatment)

Mr. Robert Morgan – Chief Technology Officer More...

  • United States Coast Guard
  • Over 25 years of experience designing and working with technology systems
  • Designed and developed new technologies in the field of algal biomass production
  • Designed equipment for GHG emissions, capture/sequestration & alternative fuels feedstock
  • FBI training in hazardous materials investigation
  • Honored California Fire Service Member

Mr. David Pavlik – Production Biologist More...

  • BS Zoology, Northern Michigan University
  • MS Biology, University of Minnesota
  • Extensive biological and zoological field research
  • PHYCO2 test program at MSU

Mr. Eric Hagopian – VP Operations More...

  • BA Biological Science, San Jose State University
  • Founder of Insulated Shipping Containers, Inc. (ISC).

Mr. Gregory Hagopian, Managing Director and Founder More...

  • CEO/President Fuel Technologies International
  • Guest Speaker – Diesel fuel system design, storage, treatment, NFPA regulations
  • Author and editorial writer – Diesel fuel system design and treatment
  • US Army Veteran – Honorably Discharged



Advisory Board
Mr. Gregory Hagopian
Mr. William Clary
Mr. Karl Seitz
Mr. Kenneth Nahigian
Mr. Keith Nahigian
Mr. Regis Dahl
Mr. Bruce Tatarian
Mr. Kendrew Colton, Esq.
Mr. Robert Morgan